Friday, November 09, 2007

Holding Down the Fort

Jake has been out of town for a training seminar in Chicago. For some reason since he's been gone, I've been partaking in mini projects. Wednesday night I was inspired to make myself a new bag. I've been shopping around for a new purse but can't find anything I really like.

Quite awhile ago I purchased this tape measure fabric from JoAnn's:

I had no idea what I would do with it, I just liked it. The black fabric is left over from a Halloween costume I sewed for my brother. (I should post a picture of that baby! Together he and I concocted a liquor bottle out of fabric and pvc pipe) I also had some red left over from that which I decided to use for a lining.

I added a little pocket inside too. I didn't use a pattern for this project but had a similar bag I own in mind. But the one I have was a freebie that came with a jacket I bought so it's plain blue and low quality. The only thing I did differently from that bag design was box the bottom which you really can't see from the photos. I like the look of it and I feel like it has more of a shape to it with your stuff inside.

I considered running to JoAnn's on Thursday for some cording for drawstring but saw that I had a spool of ribbon that matched some of the tape measures on the fabric. It worked out perfectly! And voila-a bag.

It's the perfect size and is nice because I can wear it backpack style leaving my hands free for all the junk a one year old warrants carrying. The only thing I wish I did was make the inside pocket a little bigger. There are a few flaws sewing-wise but I am getting better. It was fun to make. (Sorry for the glass table view)


Jessica said...

Dang. And I was proud of myself for making Seth's Halloween lumberjack hat -- out of fleece, which is endlessly forgiving.

In the last pic: Seth has the same toy (that shoots balls in the air). I certainly wish that dumb thing had a volume control.

kelly said...

that's awesome, joannie. i can't wait to see it -- NEXT MONTH! :)

Marie said...

Love Love Love that bag. That is one thing I would love to learn to make. I have never been successful at bags. I love the kind that you made here. Thanks for the inspiration.