Saturday, November 10, 2007

Quick Cupcakes that are Milk, Egg, & Nut Free

To continue on with my experimental projects-Thursday night I decided to try a new recipe I found for milk, egg, and nut free cupcakes. While reading the comments to a great article in Newsweek: Fear & Allergies in the Lunchroom, someone mentioned making a cake using only a can of pop (or SODA depending on where you are from) and boxed cake mix. The idea was intriguing so I decided to try it.

I bought a box of Duncan Hines spice cake mix. You have to check the box of the flavor you want to use to ensure that the particular mix doesn't contain the allergens you want to avoid. While the spice cake was nut, egg, and milk free it still contained wheat. The recipes I looked up online recommended using lemon lime pop for light cake mixes and colas or dark pop for chocolate cake mixes. Every recipe I read said never to use diet pop. For what I made, I used a generic brand of lemon lime pop.

In a bowl, you mix the box of cake mix with 10 oz. of the can of soda. (a few recipes said to use the entire can but others said only 10 oz.) Guess you have to experiment. I decided to make cupcakes instead of a cake. With the mixture, I was able to make 18 cupcakes filling the cups about 1/2 way.

You bake following the times in the directions on the box.

The cupcakes came out sweet enough to not need frosting. However, if you are so inclined (like I was) I was surprised to find that there are store bought frostings that are also egg & milk free. It makes sense as frosting is mostly sugar. Since I had a spice cake, I found that Pillsbury Cream cheese frosting actually is totally milk free! (Betty Crocker's isn't) However if you are against artificial flavors and coloring, you'll want to avoid the frosting. I think however the cupcakes would be delicious with a little bit of jelly or preserves on top. Or maybe next time I'll try baking with some preserves in the middle. In any case, I was happy that I was able to find something that is quick and easy to make in a pinch, and is allergy free while tasting great.

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Jana said...

Assuming you do the soy milk thing? We use Westsoy brand - its organic soy beans and filtered water, period.
No egg or peanut allergy here - thank God!! But I wonder - are you able to use what is it--Egg beaters? And is it only peanuts, so how about almond butter?
I don't envy the frustration you must go through trying to find entertaining things to feed a kid with such allergies and I commend your attempts, but for me, I'm against soda pop, especially with the potential for aluminum poisoning from the can - can you use bottled soda? At least that's not AS bad.
How about tonic water and honey? It's still carbonated water, but so much closer to not bad for you. Or we've started using Agave sweetener (found it on it's organic, natural, raw, and very sweet!!!