Saturday, August 25, 2007

About Freakin' Time!

Finally, a step in the right direction:

Gov. Spitzer signs law protecting breastfeeding moms at work

ALBANY — Nursing mothers who return to the workplace will now have more rights under a state law signed by Gov. Eliot Spitzer.

The law requires employers to provide unpaid breaks for women to express milk or nurse their children for up to three years after a child’s birth. They’ll also be required to make a reasonable effort to provide private space for nursing or producing milk and prohibited from discriminating against a nursing employee.

"A woman should not be forced to sacrifice her ability to provide for her children economically or nutritionally," said Spitzer, who signed the law last week. "This modest accommodation allows mothers who choose to breast-feed to continue their invaluable contribution to the economy without fearing for their job."

Oregon passed a similar bill in May, and several other states are pushing for legislation.

Makes me wonder though, how it would work for women who are educators. As a teacher I had classes and studyhalls scheduled all day. Most days I only got one planning period in addition to my short lunch. I am so glad I didn't go back after having James.


Jessica said...

Well, based on this new law, I'd say a school would have to provide a classroom aid to take over several times a day while the teacher leaves to pump.

Hooray for New York.

Jen to da fer said...

A good point brought up about educators. I have a hard of enough time just finding time to go to the bathroom as a teacher. I could see this being a problem. Of course last year there were so many times that I didn't even get a break!