Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Random Thoughts & Musings

-Overheard outside of Kohl's:
(angry father) "NO! We have to leave because your brother pissed his pants like an infant"

-The first thing James does when he enters our bedroom is to crawl straight to Jake's nightstand so he can rummage through the drawer and pull out an old bottle of Lamisil athlete's foot spray. If I let him, he'd carry that baby around the whole house. I don't get his attraction to it.

-Anyone want to give me (as in for-free) a Dyson vacuum? Pretty greedy huh? Yeah-I don't think I deserve it either but I'm sick of my vacuum sucking not in a productive way.

-I think I could write a book about dieting. I know all the things I should do and all the things I should not do. That being said, why aren't I doing what I am supposed to and losing weight?

-Yay! Pumpkin spice lattes and fraps are back. Wonder what the story is behind the Starbucks logo and name? Every time I see it, the woman reminds me of a mermaid. What is it she is holding, fish tails? But what would a mermaid have to do with coffee? Especially a queen mermaid with a star crown. Caffeine cannot be good for her tail and fins.

-Sign in front of 4 wheel barrows full of fire wood:
"$5.00 a Barrel"


Jennifer said...

There's nothing like being in a public place and witnessing poor parenting...so embarrassing! I want to cringe for the kid's sake.

Can't help you on the Starbucks logo..sorry.

I'm excited for Autumn...leaves changing, pumpkin/spice sprays, candles, and lotions, maize maze,etc.

That Blue Girl said...

I think that the dad was from the old school way of thinking that, if I embarrass him, it'll teach him to comply with the rules/norm. KWIM? I feel like I'm not saying it right.

Jana said...

Hi there, I found your comment on Gattina's and followed it here, so I wanted to comment on your desire to have a Dyson - they suck, and not in a good way. Please do yourself a HUGE favor and stay away from bagless vacuums. Get a good old canister vacuum that uses bags, you'll be happier in the longrun, take it from a cleaning lady.
As for doing what you need to do to lose weight - here's two suggestions: #1) get a notebook and write down every single thing you put in your mouth, every day. After a while you'll find as I have that you start looking at the logic behind your choices and not just what feels good in your mouth. Oh - and read "What you don't know may be killing you" by Colton - he's a follower of Jesus who wrote an excellent book talking about toxins and dehydration and a lot of other things. His book gave me a lot of ammunition to lose weight. I've taken off 6 pounds in 15 days.
#2) get a scale that gives you water%, as well as fat% and bone mass, a lot of good information as well as weight. I'm keeping daily track and love to see that weight and fat # drop every day or two.
Good luck!!!