Sunday, July 15, 2007

Thou Shall Not Brag

The other day as I watered my little garden, I decided to take some snapshots at how well it's going. I fully intended to write a glowing post about how easy it's been, how my plants have totally taken off and hey! check out this little cucumber that's growing-isn't it sweet!?

(Click to Make Pics Larger)

However...God or Mother Nature, or the Universe for that matter, had other plans. That evening before I had even uploaded those pictures, we had several freak thunder and lightning storms with pouring rain. No big deal, right? Except we got HAIL! Not once, but twice. At five am, the cascade of hail hitting the roof was so loud that it even woke Jake out of sound sleep. And trust me, he sleeps through everything! The next morning I went outside to find this:

The hail ripped holes through all my big, green, leaves, leaving my plants looking ragged and sad. I guess that'll teach me not to act so high and mighty.


Jessica said...

Awwww. Hope your garden bounces back!

Marie said...

I hope to do Cucumber next year too. Here is my post on zucchini gone wild. My hubby calls it the Little Shop of Horrors!

Jessica said...

How is your garden recovering?

That Blue Girl said...

It is bouncing back. The leaves are still all ragged but the veggies are growing. I have to play hide and seek to find them though. :-)

Teriana said...

That's a cucumber? Looks like a baby dill pickle. I hope it was spared from the storm.