Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen 07/19/07

13 Words that I usually Mispronounce in my Mind while I Read.

I don't know how to explain it. I know the correct way the words are supposed to be said but for some reason, it's as if my mind is trained to read it as it's written or the incorrect way first. Or I've heard it said wrong and that always sticks in my mind instead of the correct way. It only happens with some words.

These are the words followed by my pronunciation:

(If you aren't sure how a word is really pronounced or what it means, you can click on the link for a reference)

1. hors d'oeuvres: whores-de-vors
2. vinegar: vine-gar
3. Wednesday: wed-nez-day
4. fragile: frah-gee-lay
5. receipt: re-sep-it
6. chili: ch-eye-l-eye
7. cache: ka-shay
8. chic: chick
9. faux: fawx
10. vehicle: vee-hick-al
11. harassment: hair-es-ment
12. Verizon: vair-ih-zon
13. tongue: tong-goo


Gattina said...

Lol ! you pronounce the word fragile like an Italian !

Jen to da fer said...

The one that ALWAYS gets me is........(drum roll please) BEHEMOTH. I tried to pronounce it be he moth (with short e sounds). I know that it means large, but for the longest time I accented the wrong part of the word and everytime I go to say it, I have to pause to think about it. My dear and loving husband thinks this is a riot and loves to point this word out every chance he can get. He will bring it up in conversations just to tease me. Gotta love it.

Jeremy said...

Oh and here I come and really foul things up. You pronounce a word but your pronunciation needs improved.

I got nailed on that one when I was teaching a public speaking class!

Great list and happy ww

ancsweetnsassygal said...

I always mispronounce cache too.
What a great idea for TT.

Come by my TT and play my quiz. Happy Thursday!

Marie said...

I've got that Wed Nez Day in my head too. Funny!

Helen said...

I always used to pronounce 'misled' like myze-eld