Wednesday, July 11, 2007

07/07/07 NOT so lucky

So-the big BBB (Backyard Birthday Barbeque) was a pretty successful event, which is surprising considering the terrible start we had to the day. Saturday I woke up and looked outside to see sunshine. "Wonderful!" I thought since we had, had rain the previous 3 days. We had breakfast (pancakes) and then the guys (Jake and Brian) headed outside to do a few last things to set up for the party. We had spent the night before setting up and prepping but there were a few odds and ends left. It was 10:30 and I was just about to take James up to give him a bath and nap when I heard a weird noise. I listened and asked Brian's wife if it was their daughter screaming outside. Then Brian came in the house, "Uh-Jake just blew his knee out." WHAT!?! I rushed outside to find Jake lying on the driveway, screaming in agony, surrounded by our two neighbors who had come over to help set up a canopy for the party.

Was he doing a jump shot at our basketball net? Was he running around like a mad man trying to get stuff done? No. Jake was standing in the driveway when he remembered that he needed his keys to move his truck. He turned just right and his knee dislocated. As he fell to the ground in blinding pain, he smashed his elbow, chipping it and causing a hairline fracture. Yes-the morning of our son's big, first, birthday party with 55-60 guests slated to arrive at 4, we had to go to the emergency room.

But it all worked out. My parents and sister came over and stepped up, and Brian and his wife pitched in and by the time we got back at 3:30, everything was ready to go. Now we are dealing with health insurance BS and run around in setting up an MRI to make sure there is no soft tissue damage which might require surgery to Jake's knee. I'll let you know how THAT goes. For now he's mostly chillin'. Having his left knee and left arm injured makes it impossible to do anything. They didn't cast the arm since the break was set, but he can't use crutches to get around because of the arm either. My dad said the other day, "If it wasn't for bad luck, Jake would have no luck at all." It sure seems that way as every year SOMETHING has gone wrong.


Jennifer said...

Oh, Jo to da anne, I am sooo sorry that happened. I hope Jake is recovering quickly. Again, I'm sorry I wasn't able to attend, but you were all in my thoughts. Please keep me updated.

Bev Sykes said...

Oh my goodness! What stories you'll have to tell your son when he gets older. I'm glad it worked out anyway, but poor Jake. Poor you!

JennieBoo said...

A million blessings for Jake.

I hope you both are recovering nicely.

I am so sorry! Best of luck!

Jessica said...

Ugh, sounds painful. I'm cringing just thinking about it. I hope he recovers quickly.

A word of advice about the thank you notes. Assuming that you are not some ├╝ber mom who has already finished the thank yous... just buy yourself some cute little hand-shaped stamp to stamp them all with. If you try to trace Jamie's handprint on all the thank you notes, you'll go mad. Seth wouldn't sit still for that, so I tried to get him to just draw on all the cards. Finally, I resorted to having him hold the crayon while I attempted to create some scribbles by moving the card under the crayon -- but even then, he wanted to draw on the wall or chew on the crayon or do anything except what I wanted him to do. It took days to finish the cards.

Indigo said...

How terrible!!! I feel for him, and you. My dad fell off the ladder at work about 8 years ago. The fall was about 12' and he landed on the 18" thick cement shop floor, shattering his elbow, arm and breaking his ankle too. He used a wheelchair, refusing all help, and would use his good arm and good heel to move the chair.

I hope Jake feels better soon!

Sockpuppet said...

just turn around and blew out his knee.. oh my gosh.. That's awlful.
Saw you on the blog of the day.. congrats!!

Dana said...

Good luck with the insurance stuff and I hope that you are both able to keep your sanity through the whole thing. That is awful that it had to happen on such a special day.