Saturday, June 30, 2007

Moz Disappointed

Anyone catch Morrissey on Letterman last night? C'mon, I know someone must be a closet Smiths fan. I couldn't believe it when Letterman said Morrissey was a guest as just the other day I was listening to a Smiths CD and thinking, "Wonder what he's doing these days?" Well apparently he's on tour! So even though I was tired, I stayed up and waited and waited and waited. Finally! Around twelve-thirty quarter to one, David announced him and in my mind I'm thinking, "Yeah..." and picturing this:

And then I see this:

"What!?!" When did Morrissey start looking like a Vegas lounge show star? And the song he sang, sounded OK, but not the usual Morrissey I've come to know and love. So-all in all, what a disappointment. I should have gone to bed!

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