Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pearls of Wisdom

I've been meaning to post for awhile but haven't felt like what I have to post about is that meaningful. Know what I mean? Life goes on as usual in my happy household. James is getting bigger and smarter everyday. Next month he turns one !!! We've been thinking about having a large soire to celebrate the event in July: a BBB. (That's Backyard Barbeque Birthday) I think it would be fun to have our family, friends, and neighbors come hang out at our place on a Saturday and to end the evening with a nice bonfire.

I celebrated my first official Mother's Day this year. What a wonderful day! Jamie was sweet enough not to wake me until around 8am and Jake made me breakfast. During breakfast I got gifts too. "James" got me a necklace with a diamond and pearl pendant. It is beautiful. Pearl is Jamie's birthstone. I love it! Jake got me white roses and a bottle of Sweet Walter wine. It is made by Bullyhill in case you are interested and super, sweet. It almost reminds me of an icewine.

Anyhow-I got to lounge around all day and even took a nap! Then we got dressed, visited our parents to drop off gifts for the moms and went out to dinner with our families. We had a snafu with our original dinner plans and The Cheesecake Factory (maybe I'll dish about that next time)...and ended up at a Chinese restaurant instead. Still-it was wonderful to eat out, James behaved, and we got to spend time with our families. My in-laws gave me an Honor rose plant, my parents got me a cherry tomato hanging basket plant, and my sister and brother bought me a Starbucks gift card and Yankee Candle gift set. I am so lucky! It was so sweet of them all-I'm not even their mother but they still got me something!

Hey-I just thought of a story my cousin told me a few years ago. On the way home from picking up her step-daughter from her MIL's house, she asked C about the new stuffed cat she had received from her grandmother:

"So-what did you name your new kitty?"
"Pearl," C replied.
"Wow," K said surprised with the name she chose, "What made you decide to name her Pearl? Is it because she's white? Did Grandma help you pick it out? Where did you hear that name?"
"You know," C said, "Pearl-the sound a cat makes."

How innocent. Kids say the best things.


Clubbs said...

Found you through "That's My Answer."

A BBB sounds like a lot of fun.

And "A little cuteness"?? That's a whole LOT of cuteness. :)

Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

that's awesome, j. (((hugs)))