Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Middle of the Road

It's Wednesday again and a pretty dreary one here. In case you forgot-it's Bad Joke Wednesday! If you're looking for more fun, check out That's My Answer! (formerly Question of the Day)


Indigo said...

Thanks for the link!

I do not have a bad joke for you though .....

I see you completely came out of the closet. ;-)

JennieBoo said...

Uh...bad joke.

I have the PERFECT stupid joke.

A man receives a bird as a gift from a friend. The bird can sing more beautifully than anyone or thing in the world. The man notices, however,that the bird has only one leg.

So, he loads the bird into his truck and carries it back to the pet store where his friend purchased the bird. (the only pet store in town)

The man carries the beautiful singing bird to the manager. He says, "This bird has only 1 leg. It sings beautifully, but it's "cripled" ".

So the manager says, "Do you want a bird that sings or dances?"

Stupid....I hate that dumb joke.

Anywho...thank you for the nice comment on my humble blog.


That Blue Girl said...

Wow! That is terrible! :-)