Saturday, May 12, 2007

Who Me?

While participating in Designmom's Mother's Day Giveaways, I was fortunate enought to win a monogrammed set of damask handtowels and damask striped pillowcases from Monarch Monograms. Yes, ME! I never win anything so this was a nice surprise.

Design mom has more giveaways but the deadline is midnight Mother's Day. Also, 5minutesformom has some cool prizes too. Go-go enter. Maybe some of my luck will rub off.


Jessica said...

Congratulations to the big winner. I'm pretty sure I've used up all my luckiness. Baby's Daddy and I have won quite a lot over the past several years. At his company Christmas party, we won a digital video camera. A few years ago we won a $1000 in a church raffle. Later that year we won $250 in a raffle held where he works. That's doesn't even count little stuff we've won. So, to be redundant, I'm pretty sure our good luck is all used up.

Jessica said...

Happy Mommy's Day!

Design Mom said...

Congratulations! And thank you for the shout out.