Thursday, January 25, 2007


For some reason I always confuse Jennifer Garner, Hillary Swank, and Natalie Portman. I was thinking about this while I watched a part of the movie, "Where the Heart Is" the other night (that stars Natalie Portman who I incorrectly identified as Jennifer Garner until the credits). But-after putting their pictures next to each other, I clearly know who is who. I still think there is a similarity though-or is it just me?

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Jessica said...

I don't confuse these actors, but I always have trouble identifying Jennifer Garner. I can see her in a movie and think it's someone totally unfamous and unknown. Then it turns out to be Jennifer Garner and I wonder how I didn't know.

The same is true for Sharon Stone. I had trouble identifying her for years! I can't figure out why.

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem. I confuse those two actresses as well.

Anonymous said...

i get jennifer garner and hilary swank mixed up. natalie portman has never been in that mix for me, though. the other day i was ADAMENT that it was jennifer garner playing the teacher. but i was wrong. :)