Friday, January 26, 2007


I love Fridays. It used to be because I knew that the next day was Saturday-and that meant that I didn't have to get up early for work and I could stay up late and watch some fun tv, or a movie, or do something fun. Even though I don't get to sleep in anymore (thank you James) I still feel a sense of relief and happiness that the week is over. But I sure do still miss those days of sleeping in 'til noon. Yes 12 o'clock. Sick isn't it?

Looking for a cute Valentine's Day treat to make? Want something fun to send to your kids classroom party? I posted this at Ultimate Baby Resource. To be honest, I haven't made it yet-but it looks so easy. I plan on trying it for Valentine's Day. Let me how it turns out if you make it.

Speaking of making things, I've been trying to utilize the sewing machine Jake got me for Christmas. I have all these cool ideas for different projects-but James doesn't give me much time to play these days. He's starting to get a little better about entertaining himself, but the first few weeks after Christmas he was clingy, crabby, and wouldn't allow me out of his sights. He used to take one two hour nap everyday which gave me time to shower AND work on other things...but I'm afraid those days are gone. We're working on it though. Still trying to adjust his schedule. He's no longer a 2, 4, 6 guy but instead 3 and we're still tweaking and trying different things. He did take an hour and a half nap yesterday which is much better than the little 20 minute jobs he's been giving me.

Anyway... the weather here is frigid with the temps in the single digits and teens and the wind chill making it colder. So this morning I made myself one of these:

It was warm, fattening, filling, and yummy. Yay for hot cocoa on Friday! If I get a chance, I'd like to do a meme today. But, we'll see if James allows it, maybe I can sneak it in quick.


Anonymous said...

awww, no guilt should be had for enjoying a cup of hot cocoa! it's not really fattening -- pshaw! ;-P

Ms. Momma said...

the cocoa might not be fattening but how about the marshmallows and whipped cream I loaded on top?