Thursday, August 10, 2006

Stuck in a web...

Stuck in a web...
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I saw this bugger outside my sliding glass door on Monday. He almost looks fake doesn't he? A few hours later I noticed he had escaped.

Haven't been here in awhile. Jamie is so demanding. I know-what baby isn't? As I type this-one handed-he is sleeping on my chest. I don't know why I used to complain when he slept all day. I could get so much done then! Now he is awake most of the day and needs to be entertained. If I lay him down in his crib or bassinet or on the bed for that matter, he cries. My only solace to shower or get a few minutes is his swing. (But that doesn't always work either) Some days I can't shower until after Jake gets home. But now I've found that if I sit here at the computer with Jamie at my chest, and iTunes music playing and myself singing, he'll usually fall asleep.

My little peanut is growing steadily too. He's already up to around 11 and a half to 12 pounds. He has the chubbiest thighs and cheeks. I'm worried he's going to get too fat! He still doesn't sleep through the night either waking to eat every 2 hours. There was 1 day where he went 4 hours and 3 hours between 2 feedings and I got all excited thinking he was turning around. No such luck though.

It's amazing how much more he is progressing. He is very alert and observant. I love watching his eyes scan the room. Sometimes something will catch his eye and he'll stop and stare and his eyebrows go up like he's thinking about what he's seen. I'm also teaching him to stick out his tongue. It's so funny when he tries to do it. He no longer fits into newborn clothes and is wearing 0-3 months. In the beginning he never took a pacifier but lately sometimes he'll take it to soothe himself. (I'm not a huge advocate for pacis but sometimes he just has the need to suck and it calms him) Usually he won't take it though. Also he used to hate being upright, with his head on my shoulder until this week. I love when he leans and it rests below my chin and I can smell that sweet baby smell and feel his body warmth. One of the best things about him is his crazy hair too! I need to get him a t-shirt that says "Rockstar baby". No matter how much we comb it down, it pops right back up. It's the cutest! He's starting to make cooing noises which is exciting too.

rockstar Jake is still commuting far to work. I feel like he is missing so much with how fast Jamie is growing. Speaking of Jake-surgery next Friday.

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Indigo said...

Oh gosh, he is soooooooooooooooo cute! I'm laughing at your comment about him sleeping all the time and now he's not. I did the same thing and complained that my daughter was never awake, and then she was always awake and I couldn't do a darn thing. LOL! Just sit back and enjoy motherhood. It's amazing!