Saturday, May 27, 2006

34 weeks today and...

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it's my 29th birthday. Like the shot of my bathroom? I really need to ask Jake to take these weekly belly shots. I feel so silly dancing around in front of the mirror trying to get the "right" angle and look into the "right" place.

We got to see the baby via ultrasound yesterday and like the last time, it was amazing. I could sit and watch him all day in there. The tech confirmed that our baby is in fact, a he. We have a nice shot of his private parts to prove it. If this baby is a girl, there is something seriously wrong. I am measuring about 4 days ahead and the tech says the computer stated my due date as July 4th, which I think would be really fun! According to the computers guess, he is weighing in at 5 lbs and 4 oz. So he is a good size if something should happen and he were to come early. *knock on wood* No need to jinx ourselves here. Oh-and we got to see him opening and closing his mouth, and sticking out his tongue. So cute! He has really full lips and chubby cheeks. I can't wait to meet him.

Not much else new. My next OB visit includes a fun internal exam to see how things are progressing and after that I start going on a weekly basis. Not long before baby _________ is here. No-I'm still not telling you the name.


S. said...

Happy birthday! Geminis rock.

You should read your camera manual to see if it has a timer (most newer -- aka digital cameras do). Using a timer makes it much easier to take pictures of yourself.

Indigo said...


Your belly is growing, but you face is really slimming!

kelly said...

j, you look GORGEOUS. i just wish i could be there for the gala on saturday. (ooh, that's right - no gala like last time!) ;-)

and i'm sorry i was early on your birthday. remembering close is so much better than not remembering at all, right?

i love you lots!