Thursday, June 15, 2006

36 weeks 5 days

36 weeks 5 days
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The end is near! Not much going on which is why I haven't posted. Or maybe I've just been too lazy. I don't really use the computer too much during the day anymore. Let's see if I can catch up....

He is doing great. We had that last ultrasound where he was 5lbs. 4oz. and I now see the doctor weekly. All is well and my uterus is measuring right on schedule. It is amazing how that works. They take the tape measure and measure from your pubic bone to the top of your uterus. At my last appointment I measured 36cm-it was my 36th week. Funny how that coincides! His heartbeat is good and strong and he is head down and ready to go. The doctor said my cervix has thinned but not dilated yet. Guess I'm in it until the end. This is fine by me though because I'd rather he have a July birthday instead of June. My FIL's birthday is in June, my sister's birthday, my anniversary, and Father's day. There isn't much in July.

A success. It was small with only about 25 people in attendance. I felt like I was able to relax, talk to everyone, have fun. The games went over well, food was good, and we got a lot of the big ticket items we registered for. I finished my thank you cards too! I just have to get them in the mail today. Jake and I also went to Babies R' Us and got the rest of the stuff we needed and our nursery is almost done. We just need a bookshelf, wall shelf, and dirty clothes hamper. I washed all the baby clothes, towels, and bedding I received. We set up the crib, changing table and looks great! I'll ake pics when it is COMPLETELY done.

Cancelled. The day before the surgery Jake and I developed sore throats. We are not sure if it is something I gave him or he gave me... or where it came from. He could have got it in Vegas or on the plane. Someone could have given it to me at the baby shower. My mom is a pre-K teacher and around children. Jake's mom complained about feeling funny the day before.... but anyway. The day of surgery we went in and inquired about whether he could still have surgery or not. Nurses felt that since he had no fever, he was good to go. They prepped him-I said I love you and they took him to the OR. The anesthesiologist felt that since Jake's lungs were clear and he had no fever, he was good to go. When he doctor came in and Jake mentioned the tickle in his throat-the doctor said, "uh-oh". Because of the chance that Jake could have a cerebral fluid leak the doctor didn't want to take any chances of infection spreading which could result in meningitis. Also, even if there was no cerebral fluid leak, and surgery went well, if Jake was sneezing or coughing, the surgery wouldn't heal right or seal. So it has to be postponed. Good thing because the next day Jake and I were a mess! Congested, sneezing, coughing....

But-we are good now. Jake is at a lunch/pre-interview for a possible new job. This would be a blessing as his commute to work is an hour and a half each way and the commute to this job would be like-8 minutes. Also-he'd save so much a month in gas. I think he'll do great. He does really well in social situations, even if he doesn't know anyone. I'm awaiting his return before all the errands I need to run. (Like getting my wedding dress preserved!) Yes-it is my one year anniversary coming up. Not much else going on...just waiting. My hospital bag is packed and we've set up all the baby stuff all over the house. I'll keep ya posted!


Jennifer said...

I'm glad you have everything set up for the baby! Your shower was beautiful and fun. It was great to get a chance to visit with you too. Is Jake's surgery going to be scheduled for before or after the baby? What's the baby's name? : ) We received your thank you was sweet! So, how did Jake's interview go? I hope he gets it. Oh, Erin, Ry's sister, just had her baby today at about 4:20ish. We went to see him and I held him.
I guess that's it for now.
Take care,

K Jones said...

Its been a while since your last post. I am really hoping everything is going wonderfully. We are praying for a healthy arrival. Good luck.