Saturday, May 20, 2006

33 Weeks and 7 to go....

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Haven't written in awhile. The baby is doing well. I think we have a name chosen. It's....HA! Gotcha! Remember, we aren't telling anyone until he (or she) is born. I say "or she" because there is always that 20% chance the ultrasound could be wrong. We're going for another one next week...we'll see what appears on the screen this time. I think it is going to be a boy, but we won't be sure until the big day.

My baby shower is coming up on June should be fun. For my wedding shower I had about 100 or so people so I requested that this shower be small and I think counting me, there are only 29 people attending. Should be fun and alot less stressful than the last one. I can't believe this pregnancy is drawing to an end. People keep asking me if I am excited. Why would you ask that? Why wouldn't I be excited? What do they expect me to say..."No way! This baby was unplanned and unwanted!" People also want to know if I am afraid of labor and delivery. I don't think I am. (right now) When I get scared, it's more because I'm wondering, can we handle a baby, are we ready? Or-scared wondering if we could handle it if something were wrong. I try not to think about that though.

At our last Doctor's appointment, the baby's heartbeat was down to 135. It's starting to drop down as he is getting bigger. Speaking of dropping, at the last appointment, on the scale it showed I have dropped 6 lbs since my previous appointment. Since I haven't been exercising very much, I've just been following the diabetes diet plan. I think since that appointment, I've lost more weight. According to my scale which is always different than the Doc's, I am getting close to my pre-early-pregnancy weight. My Doctor however, doesn't seem too concerned so I am not worried.

Oh yes, to update: Jake's surgery went well. Unfortunately the Doctor was unable to remove the cyst completely as much of it is located deep in Jake's head, behind his facial nerve, and near his brain. So he wants to do a second surgery with a neurosurgeon present in case he needs back-up. It looks like June 7th is the magical date. The second surgery is a bit more complicated than the first-but this Doctor is good, I think things will go as well as the first surgery.

Not much else going on. Jake is going to Vegas at the end of the month for work and I'll be here.

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