Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Dandelion Heart

dandelion heart
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Yay! The weather has been so nice these past few days. FINALLY! Hopefully it will stick around.

Last night was our first Childbirth Education class. I really liked it. I knew a lot of the stuff she went over, but it is always good to rehear it. The class is very relaxed, Ann, the nurse teaching it, is very outgoing and tries to add a humorous spin to everything. While it was 7-9:30, the time flew by.

This Friday is Jake's big ear surgery. He is so nervous about it and seems to have so many fears which is understandable, but it should be fine. The doctor has to go in to remove what is either fluid or a cyst deep in his ear. The doctor is very good and we've heard nothing but high praises about him so I have a lot of confidence. I wish Jake had more. His problem is that he babies himself when ever he is hurt or sick and it just prolongs the ailment.

Not much else to report. Here's Teddy enjoying the weather and a pretty bush from our back flower bed.

Teddy enjoying the WeatherSpring has sprung


kelly said...

oh! i am so glad to hear that he is going to do it. will it be done in wny?

Indigo said...

My daughter would love you because you've put pics of dandelions on your site. They are still flowers to her .... weeds to my husband.

I hope Jake's surgery goes well! A friend of mind had that done to remove a cyst about 15 yrs ago. She was in so much pain prior to it.