Wednesday, April 05, 2006

April Snow Showers

Do they still bring May flowers? The weather in Florida was gorgeous and in the 80's the whole time we were there. Now-we've returned to snow and cold temps. Bleck! Still, I had a great time at the beach everyday. It was very relaxing and beautiful. Here is a picture of a sandcastle that a family was working on. By family, I mean, grandpa & the kids! (and no-not MY family)

In other news our baby continues to grow. Check out this 26 week pic:

I had my Glucose Tolerance Test yesterday and somehow didn't throw up the delicious (yes that is sarcasm) orange drink I had to swallow on an ampty stomach. I also made it through the blood draw an hour later. I'll call my OB todday to see if they got the results. If I fail, I get to take the 3 hour test. If I fail that-it means I have too much sugar in my blood and have to go on a low carb-low sugar diet. Yuck to Gestational Diabetes.

Baby's new trick which I discovered this morning, is that when he kicks I can now see it from the outside. His kicks are still pretty light...but I can at least see them and that is fantastic. Poor Jake-he keeps missing it though. I got the baby to do it during breakfast and he wasn't seeing it. Maybe I can get him to do it again later.

Not much else going on. The music you are hearing (if you have sound on your computer) is ColdPlay "Talk." My new favorite song right now. If you scroll down at the bottom of my sidebar is the video for it. If you're sick of it...hitting the "Stop" Button at the top of IE should stop the music.


kelly said...

there's still snow in buffalo?!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like you had a great vacation! I wish I could've gotten outta NYS.

That's so exciting about the baby's kick!!! Ry and I were giggling about the's so cute!

Call soon!