Friday, March 24, 2006

Siesta Key is for Me!

So tomorrow we are leaving for a weeks vacation in Sarasota Florida. Jake's grandmother lives down there as well as some of his Aunts and other assorted family members. It is also his grandma's 84th birthday! I am so excited! I can't wait to hit the beach with it's white sand...and for the warm temperatures. Here are some photos from our trip last year.

It's so weird to think about. This will be our last trip before the baby is born. Awwww....our last trip before we have a family. But-I can't wait to take the baby to the beach later on so he can experience the sand and the waves. I am sure he will fall in love with it too. What a great event to look forward to.

The biggest thing I learned this week:


Technically I only need a suit top since my bottom half still fits me. Do you think I could find only a top anywhere? Of course not. So I checked out sets. Do you think they make flattering suits for pregnant women? No way! (Especially not Target's!) Well, maybe they do...but I'm a bit frugal and refuse to spend $40-50 on a maternity swimsuit. (Like they charge at Fashion Bug & JC Penney) So.......When we get to Florida I'll check out their selection and worse case scenario is, I'll just buy and wear a nice, (support cup) tank top to the beach. At least I'm there, right?


Indigo said...

Have a wonderful time!!! Will you be checking in while you are gone?

I agree about the swimsuit. Is it too late for ebay?? I was lucky in that my cousin had a baby about 9 months earlier than I had, so she just handed me a bag full of materity clothes (and swimsuit) and when I was done I gave it all back.

Indigo said...

Oh, did you settle on a name yet?

Jen 2da fer said...

Have a blast down in Florida! At least you'll be out of NYS and in warmer temps!

Eh, you could wear an opaque don't have to match your bottoms with your top. I used to do that when I needed to. Either way, I hope it works out for you.