Friday, August 19, 2005


Wow-I'm really burning through the piles of laundry in the bedroom. Well, not literally burning them, but getting them done! My washer and dryer are FAST! I hate folding clothes though. (does anyone like it?) I especially hate folding socks and undies.

Jake and I are heading out to the county fair tonight with my cousins and their daughter. Typically I go to the fair twice: once with my mom (we went yesterday)and then once with my honey. I'd have to say it's getting disappointing. The fair seems to be less about showcasing and more about selling stuff. And maybe if that stuff was innovative and different, it wouldn't be so bad...but it's the same junk, in more than one place, year after year. I didn't see anything really cool this year at all. Nothing really stood out! I did have fun checking out the baby cows, horses and piglets.

I'm having such a productive day with cleaning and housework. I've also been thinking about what to do for the next Illustration Friday theme which is "Reflection". There are so many ways to interpret that word. I completed another random drawing yesterday of a fish. I am really trying to do a drawing a day, whether it be a sketch or full illustration. Hopefully between loads I can put something together.

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