Monday, August 22, 2005

A new week

I have so much to do...but can never seem to get it done? You'd think with no job there would be plenty of time to clean the entire house, find another job, get all the laundry done, pay the bills, create a fabulous dinner, finish all my wedding thank you cards... (REALLY, can I pay someone to do those?) But no...

I woke up today with the motivation to accomplish all those things and more. I need to get a haircut, I have to call my car insurance company, and my husband's health insurance who spelled my name wrong! But, it is cold outside today and I suddenly feel tired and not motivated to do anything.

As for TTC I'm at cycle day 14. Can I please just get knocked up already? lol. I am so impatient. But actually, I am thinking that I don't want to be pregnant during the summer so if it doesn't happen this month or next, we may have to wait to try again.

I've updated my illustration page again. I'm not satisfied with the latest two drawings, but I think I just need to keep practicing. I've been enjoying the drawing and have really tried to keep myself focused.

*sigh* Time to get to work!


Rude Cactus said...

Good luck knocking stuff off that list...not to mention the knockedupitude. Fingers crossed!

K Jones said...

Well, maybe I can send some karma your way as my wife, fertile myrtle, can definitely send her vibes your way. BTW--I think your drawings are very well done and while I'm no art critic, they are supremely professional. When I sell that childrens book, I'll look you up.

Indigo said...

Good luck ttc! Day 14, this is *the* day!!!

Yes, you can hire someone to do those thank you's. And I hear you on not getting everything done that should be getting done. I'm on vacation today... and I've cleaned the bathroom and made dinner. That's about it.