Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Biding my Time

I've been trying not to obsess too much with TTC. In fact, I've been staying away from the message board I visit, and haven't posted at all there. I don't want it to take over all aspects of my life. We're still new at this and have time. (Some time) I'd like to have a kid before I am 30! (I will be 29 in 2006)

On the other hand, I have been spending my time job searching, and drawing. Finding the "I.F." site (see previous post) has been beneficial in that it has inspired me to get back to what i love AND went to school for: Art. So I am trying to do something artistic each day. Today I posted a new drawing on the Blue Monday site.

If you are checking out my blog...please click the link at the right to feed an animal. It is free.

Now I must go and take care of everything I've been neglecting: laundry, dusting, vaccuumming and a shower would be nice! (But after I'm done chatting with my brother)


~Cathy~ said...

Hi there.... found you via a blogroll! Just wanted to wish you luck with ttc. I tried for my first for three years and my second 18 months. It's frustrating as heck, but the end result makes it ALL worth it! :)

McCabe said...

I really, really wish I was artistic. That is one of my great regrets in life, that I can barely stay within the lines when I do a coloring book. Ok, so maybe it isn't a "regret". But I do wish I could draw something. Anything. Just as long as it looks like what I had intended to draw.

McCabe said...

Oh, and by the way I clicked on the Feed and Animal thing. I think that is great. I have a little puppy of my own at home. Actually, it is my fiance's puppy. But even though she is the first dog I have ever had, I've grown extremely attached to her.