Monday, August 01, 2005


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There is no way to know for certain if conception and implantation occurred until you can test for pregnancy around the time you are expecting your period. There are, however, some possible signs that could indicate an increased probability of pregnancy. Some of these very early signs are: spotting around seven days past ovulation; a single dip in temperatures around seven days past ovulation followed by a rise; a sustained increase in temperatures around seven days past ovulation. The problem with these possible signs, however, is that they are often not experienced even when conception occurs and sometimes they occur even when conception does not happen. Such signs are thus quite unreliable for early pregnancy detection, though they can offer some clues.

Almost there!!!


Indigo said...

So? Are you??? I remember being in the DPO stages, and going out of my mind wondering if I am, or if I'm not. Good luck to you!

And I loved your proposal story. That was so romantic!

prophet said...

Just keep tring, you cant have to much sex =D

Ms. Momma said...

Thanks Indigo! The proposal story will be nice to tell our kids and grandkids. are very wise.