Monday, August 01, 2005


I've had all these random thoughts in my head...I think this is my 3rd post today. I've been obsessed with Natasha Bedingfield. Ever heard of her? Her brother is Daniel Bedingfield. I am in love with her song "These Words".

I've been looking for something new to listen to. I love music. My latest favorites:
(visit the links below to listen to it, not the best quality...but you get a hear)

Natasha Bedingfield-These Words
George Strait-You'll be there
Kevin Lyttle & Ciara-Turn Me On
Supertramp-Hide in Your Shell
Dashboard Confessional-Hope You're Happy
Barenaked Ladies-What a Good Boy
Eminem-Last Call
Kenny Chesney-Anything but Mine

Any suggestions

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