Tuesday, August 29, 2000

another dream

geez, i think i've added an entry every day this week. well, the week just started...i meant that i've had a lot of consecutive entries.

anyway, i had another dream last night about knight. (i can't even sleep without thinking about him)

i was at a party somewhere out in the country. by country i mean it was at someones house, on a dirt road, very few houses around, lots of open land. there are a lot of people there, many that i know and some that i don't. it was an odd array of people i don't know who was giving the party. there were random relatives of mine there as well as people that i recognized from high-school, but that i didn't graduate with.

as i'm walking through the backyard, i take a seat at a table under a big white tent. i look around and turn, and when i do, there is knight. he is walking towards me and smiling. when he reaches me he says "i was hoping you would be here." then a woman walks up to us, our age, carrying a little baby, maybe only a month old and gives us an odd/angry look. she looks at knight and says, "takes your son, i'm tired." knight takes the baby, looks at me apologetic and walks away.

i just sit stunned. i knew that that was his girlfriend. i watch him walking with the tiny baby. i tihnk about how good he is with the child, how some men are so awkward with infants and it's such a beautiful sight, that it brings me to tears and leaves me feeling very sad.

i walk into the house and resolve to leave. from a window i look at the knight once more. just then darren, a guy from school and knight's friend sees me. "stay away from him" he almost hisses at me. i gather from his reaction that he still didn't like me very much.

so i begin walking home. suddenly knight catches up to me. "i'm sorry he says. i could care less about her, but when it comes to my son, he comes first." i understand and he kisses me, and then i wake up.

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