Monday, June 15, 2009

Mystery Rabbit

Two days after we finished our garden, this bench/bunnies randomly showed up. While I was attaching the dog to his line, I glanced over at the garden and there they were.

I instantly assumed it was my mom's doing. She is a garbage picker. (which is not a bad thing) She's found a lot of awesome stuff that people have trashed. Kid's bikes with just a few scratches, like new toys, furniture... and she usually does her picking late in the evening. The rabbits showed up the morning after she had been at our place. I imagine on the way home she spotted it and then sneaked back and stuck it in after we went to bed. She swears she didn't do it.

Next I thought maybe my MIL had done it. She does a lot of garage sale/thrift store shopping and I could imagine her spotting it and thinking it was so cute and perfect for our newly completed garden. She could have easily dropped by early that morning while we were sleeping and quickly stuck it in. She denies having any part of it.

Personally I think my mom is the culprit but she swears she did not do it. Who ever did it, also watered our plants. I told Jake to put it in the garbage as I really don't get into that kind of cutesy stuff. I hate to throw it out without knowing where it came from (and it really is junk-the wood isn't together well) and hope I'm not hurting someones feelings but what else can I do?

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