Thursday, May 07, 2009

And Speaking of Cleaning

Anyone know how to get puke out of the vacuum cleaner?

Gross. I know. Earlier this week, Jake and I were woken to the sound of puking. It was coming from the dog and at 6 something in the a.m. When we realized it was the dog we kind of groaned, rolled over, and went back to sleep. BIG mistake. I'll skip the gross details but say that unfortunately the color of the contents was red-probably from his dog food. (on our light grey carpet) This was at 9:30 am.

At 10:30 I still hadn't cleaned it but was reading online about it. I saw one article which said that if the vomit was dry-to vacuum it up and then clean the rug. At this time it was 11 and I thought-it must be dry by now. Mistake no. 2. Even though it looked dry-it was only the top layer.

Anyhow-I did manage to get it cleaned (using baking soda, Resolve, and cold water) but we still have a faint spot on the rug. And I still have puke in my vacuum. I am guessing I'll have to take it apart and hose it off outside. Can't wait for that! I'll also have to try cleaning our entire carpet up there because not only do we have a faint spot left, but the ring around the spot is cleaner than the rest of the carpet. Wahh wahh wahhhh. (Insert Debbie Downer here)


Jennifer said...

Ewwww! I guess I would take it apart (or have Jake since you cleaned it up - lol) and hose it off like you suggested. With a dog and the little ones now, you may want to either borrow or invest in a small carpet shampooer. My sister in law got one cheap. It's a light green bissel. There's also special cleaners for the vacs that are supposed to help with pet stains and odors. Hope that helps. We had doggie DIARRHEA to clean up more than once and the shampooer did a WONDERFUL job!

Julie said...

Wah wahhhh is right.