Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vacuum Cleaner Tango & Magic Soap

A bunch of moms from BuffaloMommies placed an order with the Frontier Natural Coop and yesterday I received my order of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap. I ordered the Peppermint, Citrus and Baby scents. I figured I could use citrus for washing our floors and to clean woodwork. The peppermint I thought would work well for sinks, tub, stove, and tile floor. I've also read that peppermint is a flea repellent so it would be good to wash the dog in it. And new baby I thought would be good to bathe the kids in.

Today I've spent hours scrubbing the kitchen. It's so clean-I don't want to cook or eat in there because it will get dirty again. I'm about to wash the floors now. Yesterday-in anticipation of cleaning, I dragged the vacuum cleaner from upstairs down to the first floor, slipping and falling down the last floor stairs. Thankfully my arm skidding on the wall (creating a huge brush burn on my elbow and wrist) stopped me from completely killing myself. My back is a little sore today.

It feels good to use soaps and cleaners that do not contain harsh chemicals. I just need to find a replacement for Windex! I've tried vinegar/water and it's ok-maybe I need a different recipe. I've also been using cloth diapers with Olivia. Her disposables keep leaking! I think it's her huge thigh to waist ratio. The only drawback is I only have enough diapers for one day and have to wash every night. But when she's worn them, she hasn't had a blow out or leak at all!

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