Wednesday, November 19, 2008

And Speaking of Pregnancies

(Besides the fact that I am 36 weeks today) have you read about THIS? While I have no issues with the fact that he and his wife want to have another baby and that he'd like to live life as a man...I have a problem with the fact that he is being referred to as "the pregnant man" everywhere. At least CNN put it in quotes. He is not a man. He still has a uterus and female genitals (with the exception of what testosterone treatments have altered). So he is not physically a man-yet. I don't care if he has facial hair or has had reconstructive surgery on his chest either.

My favorite part of the Larry King interview is this quote from Larry:

The two of you, really, I think you're terrific. I think what you've done is not the easiest thing in the world and especially to come forward.

Really? Larry thinks they are terrific? Ok.


Jessica said...

Thirty-six weeks. That's crazy. Time flies for those of us without a baby in our tummy.

Joanne said...

It flies for those with the baby too!