Friday, September 05, 2008

I *HEART* Thursdays

Because that's when we get our CSA share. Every Thursday I can't wait for Jake to get home from work with our basket of goodies.

This week we got alot of yummie vegetables including corn on the cob, cherry tomatoes, a zucchini, fingerling potatoes, and radishes. I love when we get new things to try too. Last week we got some potaotes that were purple when you cut them open.

This week we also got opal basil which is also purple. How fun is that?

It's kind of challenging trying to use everything we get before we get more the following week. From last week I still have corn on the cob, beets, tomatillos, and bokchoy to use up. I'll be sad when the season is over. I think we are on week 15 of 25.


Jessica said...

If it comes down to it, you can boil the corn and then cut it off the cob and freeze it. Better than letting it go to waste b/c you couldn't eat it fast enough. :)

Oh, my FIL grew some of those potatoes a few years ago, and his sister absolutely refused to believe they were natural. She thought he took the time to inject dye into the potatoes. It was hilarious. He called the Blue Potatoes, but I agree with you: I think they look more purple than blue.

Anonymous said...

i am wildly and insanely jealous. (and i love you dearly!)

Mama Mia said...

That looks like so much fun. My favorite is blue corn to make blue tortillas. They are so scrumptulicious but that is something I haven't tried on my own yet.

Teriana said...

I should get into that. 'cept I can't grow anything. That's prolly a requirement, huh?