Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why Math Class is Important

This morning as I was making chocolate chip cookies, I accidentally dumped in 1/3 cup of brown sugar instead of the 1/4 of 1 & 1/4 that I needed. Crap! (no-I could not just start over because the sugar was in a bowl with shortening) So I grabbed a scrap of paper and began computing fractions and came up with only needing to add 11/12 cup more. Uh-ok. Now on paper I was trying to remember how to convert this fraction back to thirds or fourths. Do you get a common denominator? Divide by fourths? Multiple by 4? DAMN! Throw everything in the garbage and start over?

Lucky for me I'm married to a genius and after 15 minutes of frustrating math, I texted him. And of course he figured it out! Thanks for rescuing me yet again and Happy Anniversary Honey!

In case you are wondering:
1 & 1/4 minus 1/3 equals 11/12.
11/12 is equal to 8/12 plus 3/12.
8/12 plus 3/12 is equal to 2/3 plus 1/4.

Seems so simple now.


Jessica said...

Fractions. Bleh. I would've just taken out a little bit of the brown sugar and hoped that the remaining amount was about a 1/4 cup. :) Happy Anniversary, Joanne and Joanne's man!

Oh, by the way, I recently washed some tissue in the laundry and it's official: the dryer's lint trap DOES NOT catch all of the tissue pieces. The good news is that the tissue pieces are pretty easy to pick out. :)

Jenny said...

I'm with Jessica -- I would have tried to scrape a bit out and hoped for the best. Or I might have ignored the fact that I made a mistake and hoped for the best. That's actually what would have most likely happened. Depending on how frazzled I am, ignoring mistaked seems to be the way I'm headed lately!

Joanne said...

Thanks for the anniv. wishes. I would have scraped out but the recipe is already modified so much with replacing eggs and milk with substitutes. I didn't think it would be that complicated and of course once involved-I NEEDED to figure out the answer.