Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Train Wreck is Over (kind of)

As Jake put it, "If he chooses Daisy, I'm losing all respect for Bret Michaels. Not that I have much respect for him anyway but..."

Tonight was the grand finale of VH1's Rock of Love II. You knew it had to end this way, right? I can't believe that Daisy made it this far in the show and for awhile thought they were only keeping her going for the ratings. I can't believe she came down to the final 2. I especially can't believe that I've watched Rock of Love I AND II. It's like the time I saw Tori and Dean Inn Love. It's so bad, but I couldn't turn it off. However, I've drawn the line at Flavor of Love-one season was enough of that show. Flavor Flaaaaaaaaaaaaav!

Rock of Love II's TV running time was from January until April. My question is how long did it run in real life? Were these girls declaring their love in days, weeks, or months?

I stayed in Bret Michael's mom's house once. Well, ok-it wasn't her house at the time. Jake and I went to visit friends of his who live in PA and they owned it. When they bought the home and met her they got to talking and admitted to being huge fans. The mom hooked it up so they got to go to a Bret Michaels concert and hang out with him too. In their house was framed pictures of them with Bret and his mom. How fun is that? Since that time they've moved-but still, what a story.

Next week is the Rock of Love II Reunion. I know you're going to watch it too.


Anonymous said...

oh i am SO gonna watch it. i loved the finale. :)

actually, i was thinking of you during the final -- think of how much you liked newlyweds. ha.

Anonymous said...

the reunion was rather disappointing, eh?