Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Phantom Knocker

Before I put James down for a nap, we always read a book or two while we rock in the rocker. Monday was no different. We had just gotten to page two of The Human Race by Jamie Lee Curtis when suddenly I heard knocking. I stopped reading and froze. No one but James and I were home and the dog was outside. It sounded like someone knocking on a wall. Could someone be at the door? Why wouldn't they ring the doorbell?

I scooped James up and cautiously made my way downstairs, the book still in my hand. I peered into the driveway and saw no cars. I looked onto the porch and saw no one. Feeling a little scared I went to the back door and called Teddy inside. He was laying on the grass and didn't want to come. Finally he slowly got up and sauntered in toward me. I was so angry at him. Locking the door behind me, I decided to head back upstairs to finish Jamie's story.

As I sat reading to him all I could think about was the knocking. Where did it come from? Maybe one of my neighbors was at the door and left before I got there? Are there REALLY ghosts? Why would they knock? Who would knock? After I put James to bed I came down and opened the front door to make sure no one left anything there. Nothing. Monday night before I went to sleep, it's all I could think about it. I know I am not crazy and really heard something. Last night I still had trouble falling asleep because it was bugging me that I couldn't figure out what had happened.

Today as James was finishing up his lunch and I stood up to clear my dishes, I heard the knock again. When my head whipped up-there I saw Teddy, on the deck, crouched down and itching himself. With each scratch, his paw hit the ground making a knocking sound. LOL Teddy the Phantom Knocker.

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Jessica said...

Way too scary for me.