Monday, April 07, 2008

Goooooooooo Spring!

Finally! It seems like spring is here. This weekend was spent playing outdoors and at the park. James loves it. Everyday after he gets up, one of the first things he says when he comes downstairs and sees his boots by the door is "Goooooo". He allots a great deal of time for putting those boots on and off. He looks so funny in his footie PJs with big, blue, winter, moon boots. Goooooooo! Where? Outside, for a drive, anywhere, he doesn't care-just goooooo.

Since the weather has been great, we've been playing outside with his bubbles and alternating between the large assortment of ride on/ride in vehicles he owns and his mini mower. What's nice is that he also likes to take walks around the yard. (Because I get bored standing around watching him ride on his toys) We tried playing with sidewalk chalk but he isn't into it yet. He did seem to have fun chasing the Frisbee I was throwing around.

This week we are finally going to tackle our landscaping too. It will be 4 years this summer that we've owned our home so we are over due. We are going to plant some perennials, put down that plastic stuff, and then cover with decorative stone. We also need to get some nice edging stone. Hopefully this will cut down on some of the yearly maintenance and weeding. Hooray! The front of our house looks pretty bland, I think this will spruce it up.

I hope you're enjoying nice weather where ever you are.

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Teriana said...

I got to the bottom of the first paragraph before I realized he was saying a drawn out "go" not "goo" as in Goo Gone.

Spring has sprung, I believe. But the weathermen here are saying it's going to be cold again over the weekend. Maybe even a slight chance of (gasp) snow.