Monday, February 18, 2008

A Little Rusty

Ha-I was amused to read THIS today because I spent last night working on these guys:

Lately any of my art or craft time has been divided between sewing or Photoshop so while we were shopping yesterday I picked up a few pads of bristol and watercolor paper. I'd like to get back to doing some drawing by hand. The hardest thing for me usually is deciding "what to draw". Sometimes I check out Illustration Friday for ideas.

BTW-as of the time of this post the images are not working. It seems to be a blogger thing. Sorry.


Teriana said...

I think they're pretty snazzy pieces.

Joanne said...


StacyMSmith said...

I tried another horse. I need to work on the shading but I'm sick of looking at her right at the moment so I will set her aside. It's either that or rip the paper to shreds and burn it in the middle of my living room. Things haven't changed much since high school, have they? I checked out that illustration friday business. theory... that doesn't give a person a lot to go on, does it? I like your puppy though, she's cute (he?)

StacyMSmith said...

By the way, I was just reading one of your old posts on here about Jake cutting his finger on a formerly exploded frozen beer bottle (ice cream and sherbet, etc etc) and I was wondering... is that more or less painful than say, I dunno... having someone kick a locker shut on your head? Just curious.