Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I know-it hasn't been too exciting around here. But I'm catching up. Good news is I won't need surgery. The doctor examined and measured and he feels that I'm healing well on my own. I'm not sure what the measurement is, but at the Monday appointment a week ago, I could only open my jaw 10 and this past Monday I was at 28. So-I am supposed to keep taking ibuprofen to help with inflammation, keep using heat, and keep stretching my jaw. He said that if there is no more improvement in the next two weeks to let him know and he'll prescribe physical therapy. Ha-that sounds like fun doesn't it? Therapy for my jaw.

In any case, once I have my housework and laundry caught up, I'm planning on undertaking a few projects. I've got some ideas on the drawing board... we'll see what happens. Thanks for the well wishes. Here's some random cuteness:


Dawn said...

What a cutie!! Thanks for stopping by today and de-lurking! And yes, definitely, call me Dawn!

Hope your jaw heals without surgery. Sounds miserable!

Jessica said...

Therapy for your jaw? If I were in that situation, my husband would definitely make inappropriate suggestions for ways he could help with my therapy...