Friday, January 18, 2008

My New Friend

Ever since this whole tooth thing, I've been drinking a lot more water. In the beginning it was a hygienic thing-to help keep food away from the surgical areas. Then it was because I was taking a lot of pain meds and the steroids. But then I had the thought, I should keep drinking water. (yeah real genius here) However, you should understand, prior to this, I rarely would drink anything all day. For breakfast I might drink 1/2 an 8oz glass of orange juice or water. Lunch (if I drank anything) would be no more than 8oz. So in an effort to be more healthy, meet Nalgene:

I fill this 32oz baby up every morning and resolve to drink the whole thing by the time I go to bed at night. So far it's working! I never make New Years Resolutions but maybe this will be it. Here's to better health! Coincidentally, my friend Kelly is working on an initiative at work related to health and wellness and the most recent topic was related to water. What are the benefits of water to your body? She sent me this nice graphic:

However, I'm wondering if I should be worrying about this.

Edited to add: Nalgene says this.


Jessica said...

Great. Another reason to feel guilty for working and pumping instead of staying home and nursing.

kelly said...

perhaps you should switch to one of these recommended metal water bottles?