Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Some NaBloPoMo Participators

Looking for some new reads? Here are some blogs that I like who are also participating in National Blog Posting Month:

Adventures in Babywearing
Aurelia Ann
Blue Yonder
The Pink Shoe Diaries
All About the Make and Takes
Wee Wonderfuls

Yes...this is one of those posts. I've posted for 20 straight days and today I feel short on material. I hope something exciting happens today or tomorrow or I'll have to resort to torturing you with adorable kid pictures.


Jessica said...

I have amazing fortitude to withstand adorable baby pix.

Jessica said...

What happened to your ClustrMap? It's almost empty!

Joanne said...

I got an e-mail saying that the clustr maps reset themselves every year unless you.. pay? Or some bs like that.

Marie said...

I hear ya on the "coming near the end". What did I sign up for? I was actually going to take a good week off for Thanksgiving before this contest motivated me to stay on.

Feel free to steal post ideas from me. I know how it feels when you just need something for that one day!! Good luck for the rest of the month!