Monday, November 19, 2007


No, this isn't a post about math. Those are the two radio stations who, starting last week, are playing Christmas music 24/7. I think it is totally crazy, and way too early. However, I listen to the radio a lot and being sick of everything else on lately, I keep tuning into those channels to hear something different.

Only drawback-by Christmas I will probably be sick of that music too.


Indigo said...

My radio station here started at 12:01 am on November 1st!!!!!! INSANE!

Nicholas said...

Does anyone above the age of, say, 12 actually enjoy hearing "Rudolph" or "Jingle Bells" more than once? I never listen to the rdaio so I escape what has been plaguing you, but Xmas music is bombarded at one in every store one goes to. I pity the people who have to work there. At our Wal-Mart last year there was a life sized singing Santa, swaying back and forth, laughing and singing the same three songs over and over, all say long. I think if I worked there I'd have taken a baseball bat to it before lunch on the first day!

Jessica said...

One of our local radio stations also began xmas music on November 1. Crazy.

I think next year I'll start decorating for Halloween several days before Labor Day.