Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween Recap

Here's our little monkey from Halloween. Sorry it isn't an "artful" composition but we're lucky we could even get one still shot of him as he was running around like he was on a sugar high. (I assure you-he was not)

Did we take him trick or treating? No. (People kept asking me if we were going to) First of all, he is too young to understand the concept. I can just imagine knocking on the neighbors doors, James hiding, fighting to get him to come out, show his costume and take the candy, James crying... I don't think so. He had no clue as to why he was wearing the monkey get up as it was! It took a few weeks to get him to put it on without throwing a fit. Secondly we don't give James candy and now that he's allergic to eggs, milk, and peanuts there really is no point of collecting what he can't have. I certainly don't need to eat all that candy! If these allergies continue until he becomes of trick or treating age, I'm not sure yet what we'll do.

James had a great Halloween anyway. He made a visit to both his grandparents homes and came away with lots of little gifts and money. (He is soooo spoiled!) I've already been thinking about what to dress him up as for next year. Since he's young, these store bought costumes are great. Especially since he can be finicky about wearing items. It'll be fun when he gets a bit older though to be more creative and make his costumes. Even without a sewing machine, my mom always made awesome duds for us!

At our house this year, we only had one trick or treater again. We live in a rural area with not many young children around but we always buy a bag of sweets *just in case*. So after James goes to bed we still get to indulge in a little leftover candy.


theresa said...

Yes, Halloween is a hard one for folks in our situation! I bought stuff my guy could eat (although I shuddered at the ingredients)--luckily he didn't put up a fuss when I traded his loot for my stash--and it was a lot less. He was happy to hand it out when people rang our doorbell--he was so cute, he'd ask "can you have chocolate?" as he attempted to drop it in their pail. Looks like you have an adorable little monkey on your hands.
Here's hoping he grows out of it all!

Jennifer said...

What a cute little monkey! Ok, I can't long as he doesn't fling poo! I figured you and Jake will get a laugh out of that one.

He's adorable!