Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Appropriate Time

Hooray! Now that Thanksgiving is over, I am ready to jump into Christmas. It's just not right to start decorating before and even though I've indulged in some music, I waited until Friday to start festifying (is that a real word?) our house.

Ok-so I only hung up window clings, but it's a start. Friday we also partook in a little holiday shopping. No, not the crazy drag your ass out of bed at two am to get to the store by four kind of shopping, but we did hit up Wal-Mart around three o'clock in the afternoon. It wasn't bad. We knocked a few people (kids) off our shopping list and picked up a few things for James too. We also went to Lowes and then stopped at Tops for some groceries and a pumpkin pie. Would you believe that we had three stops to make on Thanksgiving, and not one place had pumpkin pie!?! I had to satisfy my craving.

On my iGoogle homepage I have a countdown until Christmas (31 days!) and I can't help but feel anxious every time I see it. Every year I say I'm going to start shopping earlier-but I never know what to buy anyone and my family makes a list of things they'd like which is so helpful, except they do not make the list until December. I do try to purchase items not off the list too. This year is incredibly difficult. I have no idea what to get my parents or inlaws. *sigh* Any ideas?

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Jessica said...

I did about 80% of my xmas shopping online in October. Do you hate me?