Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tooth Update!

We saw the dentist yesterday and Jamie's tooth is now shipshape. After some restraint, tears, and hysterical crying the dentist was able to examine the tooth and file down the sharp edges. His left tooth is now a bit shorter than his right, but it is a baby tooth. It doesn't look too bad. Adds character, right?

The dentist said that this could be it and nothing would come of it OR if he damaged the nerve, his tooth could become discolored. It's too soon to tell. His permanent tooth should not be affected unless he gets an infection in the nerve so we have to watch his gum line for signs. (Like a bump)

Unfortunately we have no photographic evidence of Jamie's first big boo boo. On the way to the dentist it occurred to us that we didn't take a single picture of his little snaggletooth. He may not remember this when he's older but I certainly won't forget.


Jessica said...

Gasp! You had to hold him down? :( I feel guilty when I sometimes hold Seth down at night to make him go to sleep. I'm glad everyone survived.

Joanne (That Blue Girl) said...

No-I held him in my lap and had my arms wrapped around him, holding his arms down. The whole process didn't hurt him at all, he was just freaked out with these "strangers" in his face and mouth. It was stressful as there is no way to explain to him that what was going on was ok and he was scared and crying.

Jen to da fer said...

Glad to hear lil' James is ok. Poor guy! But like you said, at least it is his baby tooth.