Sunday, September 30, 2007

An Eventful Month!

September's been quite the month for James. He officially started walking on his own, socialized with other children through a playgroup, and had allergies diagnosed. We can now add his first real injury to the list of milestones for this month too since tonight while playing in our living room, he fell and chipped a tooth on our coffee table.

It really sucks. He seems fine and not in pain and I've even put him to bed but I am upset about the tooth. It's one of his front teeth. The chip is a pretty good sized oval and right in the middle of his tooth. (Not just a tiny chip on the bottom) One of the edges is sharp and his gum looks a little inflamed. I'm sure he'll have to see the dentist right away and have some filing or patching done. He hasn't even had these teeth for a full year!

The ironic part of the story is that last night at my inlaws we were talking about teeth. Jake knocked his front teeth out as a kid around the time he was two, and we were talking about my sister who's had 3 different bad incidents involving her front teeth. Now today this! I guess I would rather he chip his tooth than break an arm, but I still feel sad even though in the grand scheme of things it is no big deal. Kids chip their teeth.


Jessica said...

Awww, poor guy. At least it's not bothering him too much. The dentist will fix him up in a jif (jiff?).

Based on my reactions to Seth's relatively minor injuries to date, I'm pretty sure I won't react well the first time he's injured for real. I hope there's not any blood. :(

Jana said...

Hopefully the dentist will have more to suggest than an expensive filling that won't likely hold in a front tooth. From personal experience I speak: I took the stopper out of a bottle with my teeth (ok, who says age = smarts?) anyway, I chipped my front tooth. The dentist says OMG!! We have to put a filling in that right away to save the tooth from darkening and possible death of the tooth. So, ok, numb me up and plug up the hole!! AFTER we're all done, the hygenist says to me that the filling will likely fall out if I bite down hard on say toast, or if I grind my teeth at night. Well, about a month later Chris and I were on vacation at the ocean and I slid on something slimy and landed on my butt- my front teeth clicked together, and POP went the filling. I haven't had any trouble with darkening or death of the tooth, and in fact I bitched and complained and threatened the dentist and he wrote off the bill for the filling.
OBTW, as for subliminal messages being illegal, they are in fact, but are still frequent as heck. Should you get that book you'll see just how frequent they really are. I was shocked and appalled.
Thanks for stopping by, I always appreciate meeting someone new!