Friday, October 12, 2007

The Mango Tango with Jango

Hooray! I just got an e-mail today from Marie over at Make and Takes. I am the winner of her most recent giveaway. The National Mango Board (yes-there is a mango board) is launching a campaign to try and familiarize more people with the popular fruit. (Much like the pomegranate crusade from a few years ago) Their new mascot is Jango Mango a funky little dancing dude.

In any case I won a yummy and fun mango kit which I'm psyched about. I don't think Jamie has had mango yet. Jake and I ate a ton of them on our honeymoon in Jamaica. They are so good! I think James will be hooked.

Thanks Marie! And BTW-if you haven't checked out Make and Takes yet, you should. Marie has some great reviews, good recipes and fun crafts.

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