Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More Awesome Gifts for Jack & Joan

Some of you may remember THIS post about the "lovely" gifts I received from Jake's grandmother. Well, Sunday, when my grandparents came to visit and see how Jake was doing, my grandmother presented me with a doozy. She brought all kinds of goodies for us: a fruit basket, homemade Italian cookies, veggies from their garden, and then there was another bag. Inside was a pair of shorts she made for Jamie, a white, men's undershirt (size M) that was supposed to be for Jake, and there was something else. "What's this?" I asked pulling it out of the bag. "A night gown" my grandmother said. The night gown is hysterical! It is super old school-simple straight cut, cotton material, creamy yellow, with blue ties at the shoulders. Here is the best part:

Anyone want to tell me what the heck this is? Is it a pig with no eyes? If those are the eyes then is it a pig with no ears? Is it a bear? And can someone please translate what "uzu woxi ancz" means? I can't even imagine where she got this. But it's great.

My grandparents are funny sometimes. Part of the funniness comes from the fact that they are from another country so sometimes they make little mistakes with translation. For example, when we moved into our house, they gave us a card that said, "Congratulations Jack & Joan". Yes-they spelled congratulations right, but messed up Jake & Joanne. What can ya do? They try.

Oh and in case you are wondering...Jake has a bucket handle tear in his medial meniscus and some loose cartilage floating around. This will require surgery. We're working out the details at this point.


Jessica said...

The only google hit on "uzu woxi ancz" points to your blog. :)

That Blue Girl said...

I know. I even tried using one of those language translator things...but could find no meaning for it. The night gown is made in China-but that didn't help. ? Weird huh?