Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen 06/28/07

13 Mindless/Useless Items I have saved in my IE Favorites.
(Some of them I have no idea why!)

1. Learn to dance with Napoleon Dynamite. Yes they actually broke down the famous dance and you can learn it step by step.

2. Do You Like Waffles? I have no explaination but will caution you, this may get stuck in your head.

3. Play MASH Online. Yes, it's really your favorite childhood game of mansion, apartment, shack, or house.

4. Sketch Swap. You draw a picture and then hit the button to see someone elses.

5. Numa Numa Collection. The original still makes me chuckle. Where's this crazy guy today?

6. Get a Porn Star Name. ? Mine is Kara Maxim. However, I think Jensen Blue would be more popular.

7. Escapa! This is a highly addictive game.

8. See what your phone number will translate to in words. No, I won't tell mine.

9. Histeria on AOL In2TV. Hey-I used to love this cartoon. I watched it in college everyday after Pinky and the Brain, before I headed off to work at the dining hall.

10. Kikia. Get close and turn the volume up on this one to hear the weird/mellow little song and watch the little dude*.

11. Face Transformer. You can upload a photo of yourself and see what you look like as an elderly person, different gender, or race.

12. Personalized Money Generator. ? Put your face on money. Guess I had thoughts about starting my own civilization that I would be President of?

13. Human Anatomy Online. ? Really just, human anatomy on line. In case I'm just dying to see where all my lymph nodes are?

*Sorry if I got you on this one.

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Qtpies7 said...

The phone number one could be interesting, but my phone is just different combinatins of twigs and wigs and sod and pi, lol. Dumb stuff, nothing catchy. But, our last 2 phone numbers, in two different states, have been one number off from a pizza place 4 blocks from our house. We get pizza orders up til midnight, lol.

Juzahlyn said...

love the facetransformer'll be cool to see how I look like as an older person...thanks for sharing the sites..great TT

Anonymous said...

Great minds must think alike then, because I have most of those too! :) I love silly little games, kills time wonderfully!

ancsweetnsassygal said...

Funny! My porn star name is Exotica Slamm. I love your TT. Happy Thursday!

Mama's Moon said...

'Greetings' from Asia Slapalot (my porn name!). hehehe. Thanks for sharing -- these were fun!

Gattina said...

Nice TT !

Chelle Y. said...

At least you're brave enough to admit some of them! Haha!

Jessica said...

Prepare to be horrified. I've never even heard of MASH.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to check out MY porno name. My hubby will be thrilled! LOL

Happy TT!

Leah said...

Cute links. I tried my phone number but results were not so promising. I'll try the porno name too. lol.

Deano said...

visiting from Thats My Answer

and after this am totally off to visit the learn the Napolian Dynamite dance site.

ooh yeh!