Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wednesday Funnies

Not only is today Bad Joke Wednesday but I thought I'd share some other humorous stuff. Ok-I guess this stuff has to make up for the fact that Bad Joke Wednesday isn't really funny.

First of all-who wouldn't be in a good mood after experiencing this first thing in the morning?: (keep in mind-it's a cell phone video-quality issues)

And the other day-Jake changing Jamie's diaper, reminded me of this video:

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Anonymous said...

he is a dear one!

Jessica said...

Mommy must be very funny!

I feel a little sorry for those people who can't handle bad smells. They really do almost vomit. Still, it makes for funny TV. :)

ranter said...

That is such a funny video (guy changing the nappies). My husband is exactly the same, if not worse.
I would also be in a great mood if I had a liitle guy like yours making me laugh like that in the morning.
Lucky mom