Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ten on Tuesday 04/10

Ten High School Memories from Ten on Tuesday. Here's the first ten I thought of:

1. Our whacko Spanish teacher tripping over the garbage can, twirling around to try to catch herself, knocking papers down, smashing her head on the chalkboard and landing on the floor, legs spread eagle.

2. Spending all my free time in the art room.

3. Twenty minute lunches gossiping with the girls.

4. Participating in S.A.D.D.'s "dead day" where we painted our faces white to represent a person killed by drunk driving. We weren't allowed to speak to anyone all day.

5. Our principal making us attend assemblies to try and encourage us to make good choices by showing us newspaper and magazine articles of students who made bad choices at other schools.

6. No PDA (public displays of affection) rule being instituted.

7. Our Senior trip to Six Flags and riding the log ride 26 times. (just cuz)

8. All the great teachers: Mr. K, Mr. G, Mrs. K, Mr. D., etc...

9. Working on a giant project about Africa, with my best friend and two idiots and having to do all the freakin' work ourselves! Damn "cooperative learning".

10. Handball in gym class where at least one person always got hurt.

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