Saturday, January 20, 2007

Word Beads

Here's another meme post. Why? I'm in the mood to write but have nothing interesting to say. Word beads are where you are given a list of words and then are supposed to write a sentence, paragraph, or story using them. The words for the week of Jan. 14th were: integration, pike, breeze, inset, devoid. Here's what I wrote:

At the pike of the mountain I feel a cool, breeze on my face, and chill in the air. I should feel a sense of accomplishment here. However, despite the breathtaking landscape before me, I'm devoid of joy, happiness, or pride. My thoughts are mainly of him. Why isn't he here with me? Will I make it down? Will he be there waiting for me? The integration of these musings with the inset of the setting sun between the mountain tops makes me nervous. I snap a few photos feeling an excitement for a moment, like Ansel Adams might have, check my watch, and begin to make my way back.

That was fun! Time for me to go to bed.

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